Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado River

Ride the Colorado River’s rapids with the experienced guides of Hualapai River Runners. Whitewater rafting is a thrilling way to experience a new perspective of the Grand Canyon—from the Colorado River in-between the rugged canyon walls. Choose from one- or two-day rafting trips, which include a ride along exciting rapids, hiking at Travertine Cavern Falls, local wildlife viewing, lunch along the banks of the river, and an exciting helicopter ride from the river up to Grand Canyon West.


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River Rafting

River boat going through rapids in the Colorado River

One-Day Whitewater Rafting

Your one-day rafting adventure starts at our Peach Springs staging location at 8 a.m. From there, you’ll hop on a bus to the Colorado River and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. Then, you’ll climb into your raft and begin your journey over 12 miles of whitewater rapids (safe for beginners, but sure to guarantee a thrill). Next comes Travertine Cavern Falls, where you’ll enjoy a moderate hike to the cavern and natural waterfall, followed by lunch along the riverbank. After lunch, you’ll enjoy a smooth water ride through the Canyon. Throughout the trip, your experienced guide will share stories about the history and culture of the Hualapai people. Your adventure ends with a helicopter flight from the river to the rim of Grand Canyon West, where for a small additional fee, you can tour the Skywalk and our other viewpoints. Ground transportation will return you to Peach Springs in time for dinner. Children must be ages 8 or older to participate in our one-day rafting tour.

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Two-Day Paddle Rafting

Enjoy a weekend of fun with our Two-Day Whitewater Rafting adventure! Stay Friday night at Hualapai Lodge along historic Route 66 in Peach Springs. Then, come Saturday at 7 a.m., this weekend-only excursion kicks into gear. During your first day on the mighty Colorado, you’ll shoot miles of whitewater rapids and hike and take pictures at Travertine Cavern Falls. You’ll paddle raft down river to Spencer Canyon, where you’ll camp for the night and enjoy a steak dinner amid nature.


On day two, you’ll board power pontoon boats and float along for nearly 30 miles of some of Mother Nature’s most thrilling scenery. Your experienced guide will narrate the adventure and share true stories of the history and culture of “the People of the Pines.” Your trip includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, plus assorted snacks and drinks along the way. At the end of the trip, you’ll enjoy a helicopter ride to Grand Canyon West, where you can tour Skywalk and Eagle Point for a small additional fee. Children must be ages 12 or older to participate in our two-day rafting tour.

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Pontoon tour boats in the Colorado River

About The Colorado River

The Colorado River carves a distinct course through the geologic history of the Grand Canyon, telling the story of the Earth’s formation and structure like few other places. Over the past 6 million years, the river has carved through the layers of limestone, sandstone, shale, granite, and schist that make up the canyon’s rock sequences. These layers continue to be worn away through water and wind erosion, creating new cliffs and slopes with the passing of time.

In addition to carving its way through the canyon, the Colorado River has been an important source of water and life for Native Americans communities living in and around Grand Canyon National Park. Indigenous groups like the Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Paiute, Navajo, Yavapai-Apache, and Zuni Tribes use the river’s water for agriculture and to fortify their lives in the canyon and along the rim. These tribes are active in decisions regarding uses of the river.

The Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon