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The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, each turn offering a unique view unlike the one before. Grand Canyon West's sightseeing tours gives you the opportunity to see the canyon from the sky, earth, and water all in one day. Walk on the Skywalk, drop into the canyon by helicopter, or board a pontoon boat for a Colorado River Excursion. Check out all our sightseeing and river tour options below. Some age restrictions apply.


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Sightseeing Tours

Helicopter Lading in the Grand Canyon

Helicopter/Pontoon Boat Tour

By far one of our best offerings, this helicopter and pontoon boat tour offers you the best of both worlds. The first part of the tour lets you soar through the canyon before landing 4,000 feet below the rim on the banks of the Colorado River. From here, you’ll board a pontoon boat and enjoy a ride on the river between the canyon walls, complete with a fascinating history lesson from our River Guide. Approximate time on the River is 15 minutes. Minimum Age 6 years old.

Helicopter/Pontoon Boat | $187.00 | plus tax


Smooth Float Tours | $174.00 | plus tax

This tour is only available at 2:30 p.m. Minimum Age 8 Years.

During this tour you will spend approximately one hour on the water as you travel 17 miles down River. You pass below the Skywalk and Guano Point as you make your way to end of the Canyon. You will leave the water at Pearce Ferry Road where you bill be transported by Shuttle back to Grand Canyon West. During the drive you will learn about the town of Meadview while you enjoy the countryside.

Historical Smooth Float

During this 2 ½ -hour interpretive tour you will take a helicopter flight down into the canyon where you board a pontoon boat. You will then travel down River to Skywalk and Guano Point. After learning some fun facts and history about the Canyon, the River, and Hualapai Tribe you will head back up River to the Docks where you will fly back up to the top of the Rim. Minimum Age 8 Years.

This tour includes a souvenir bag with a snack and bottle of water.


Historical Float Tour | $250.00 | plus tax

Pontoon Boat Tour on the Colorado River
River Tour near Grand Canyon West

Separation Canyon Tour | $153.00 | plus tax

The tour is approximately 3 hours with a maximum capacity of 16 people. Also, does not include passes to Legacy or Skywalk. Minimum Age 8 Years.

    Tour begins with helicopter lift from Grand Canyon West to Lower Gorge.

    River adventure begins with 21 mile voyage from Quartermaster to Separation Canyon.

    Trip excursions: 8:30 - 11:30am or 12 noon - 3:00pm

    The Separation Canyon Tour is approximately 21 (261 RM to 240 RM) river miles upriver to Separation Canyon where the well-known voyage of the Powell Expedition took place. This expedition took place August 28, 1869 during a period in history when the Grand Canyon was being discovered. Venture in the Grand Canyon to explore the same Canyon where a bronze monument is left in memory of the Powell Expedition and get a brief history of the Grand Canyon and Hualapai Origin Story.


Canyon Boat in the Colorado River

The Grand Tour | $212.41 | plus tax

This tour package includes Legacy/Skywalk and the Separation Canyon River Tour. Minimum Age 8 Years.

    Hop on and off the bus shuttles to visit any Grand Canyon West location 

    Entrance pass to the Skywalk, and a river boat tour of the famous Powell Expedition

    Guest must be physically able to hike to the river for tour. (Minimum Age 8 Years)


Smooth Water Tours - Bring appropriate clothing for the weather during your tour. Don't bring anything you don't want to get wet or drop in the water; anything dropped in the river will not be retrieved. These boat tours are smooth rides (no whitewater rapids), but there may be some water spray from the boat here and there. And lastly, have fun!